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Say Goodbye to Pain

The Office of Dr. Robb Anderson DC, TCN

1728 London Rd. Duluth, MN 55812


At Duluth Natural Medicine & Chiropractic we offer Affordable Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family. We accept most major insurances and do the billing for you. We are the lowest cost per treatment compared to traditional medical care.  Duluth Natural Medicine & Chiropractic averages a 5-8 treatments per patient per year and is in the top tier for most Insurances.  With over 40 years of professional care, we have the experience necessary for all types of pain.  

We highly value very well done Chiropractic Adjustments that quickly offers a solution to your symptom package.


What's New?

1). I have to say this.   We do not set our patients up on 24-36-48 visit treatment programs, with contracts and such.

Our motto has been FIND IT, FIX IT, THEN LEAVE IT ALONE!

Yes of course we have patients on maintainence and wellness programs because they choose to.  Chiropractic works on the nervous system, not just back pain!  But the above needed saying.

Our goal is to get quick results!  


2).  People need and want to know the cost!  For our CASH same day time of service we charge an initial $50 exam fee, and $50-60 treatment fee thereafter.

For Insurance patients we, as providers, accept the payment that the Ins. company feels is fair for covered services. The natural medicine testing and methods are not covered.


3).  Our General Hours are..Monday 10:00-5:30  Tuesday 8:00-2:00  Wednesday 8:00-5:30  Friday 8:00-2:00

These Hours and days are elastic and can adapt.

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The greatest compliment we can receive is your referral of a client, friend or relative who could benefit from our services.

Thank you for your trust.